How to Blur Face in Picsart - Make your photos look Aesthetically Appealing and Creative

How to Blur Face in Picsart? Make your photos look Aesthetically Appealing and Creative

Blur Face in Picsart is a very unique editing feature in the Picsart app that allows you to blur the face of the subject in the image and shift the image focus to another part of the image. This blur face in Picsart effect can be done intentionally to make the photo look more aesthetically appealing or for some privacy reasons.  

With the Picsart app, you can use the motion blur face tool in Picsart to create professional and creative dope pictures that you can share with your friends and relatives. We have compiled an easy step by step guide that you can follow to easily get a face blur effect in your photos within the Picsart Gold app. 

What is Blur Face in Picsart?

Blur face in Picsart means to blur the face of the subject in the image, taking the focus out from the face and shifting it to another part of the image and emphasizing that specific part, for example, the background. Users often tend to use blur faces in their photos to portray an artistic and thoughtful touch.  

Why Do You Need To Blur your Face or use Motion Blur Face Effect in Picsart App?

There can be reasons people want to blur face photos in the Picsart app. One reason can be social media privacy. There can be people in your family that you do not want your social media followers to see so you can blur their faces before sharing their images. 

Another reason to make the face blur in your photos can be to make the photo extra appealing, both aesthetically and creatively. You can use the face blur tool effect in Picsart to shift the attention of the viewer to other important part of your image. 

Face Blur Effects in Picsart App

Different Types of Blur Effects in Picsart

There are a few different types of face blur effects in Picsart that you can use to make your pictures look aesthetic and professional. Let’s take a look at some of the types of blur face effects in Picsart App:

Motion Blur

Motion Blur effect is one of the widely used blur effects in Picsart app. By the inclusion of streaks in your image shot, this blur effect highlights the impression that the thing is moving. This blur effect in Picsart is ideal for capturing dynamic situations and action sequences. 

Motion Blur Effect is commonly used with images of vehicles and fast moving objects. To apply the motion blur effect in Picsart, the user has to simply choose the blur effect and adjust intensity settings. You can further play around with adjustment settings like noise, angle, distance, etc. 

Motion Blur Effects in Picsart Gold - Picsart Mod APK

Radial Blur

The Radial Blur effect in the Picsart app is commonly used for blurring the background of the image, creating a circle blur effect around a focal point in the image. This Picsart blur effect can also be used for highlighting a certain part of the image. This technique is excellent for emphasizing on a particular topic or producing a shallow depth of field. 

Picsart Radial Blur effect is mostly used with images of trains, airplanes, automobiles, etc. to intensify their speed effect. 

Tilt-Shift Blur

Tilt-Shift Blur tool in Picsart is an amazing technique to give the appearance of small objects in the picture, much to forced perspective. You can play around with blur intensity settings in the Picsart app to make the selected image more interesting. 

Bokeh Blur

‘Bokeh’ means ‘blur’ in Japanese. Picsart Bokeh Blur is a very promising technique to increase aesthetic quality of the selected image. Using this bokeh blur effect in Picsart, you can create a dreamy and beautiful composition that will enhance and uplift the image creativity. In this blur effect, background lighting is adjusted to create the soft and dreamy look. You can use this bokeh blur effect with your light and dark images. 

Step by Step Guide: How To Add Blur Face Effect in your photo Picsart?

You can follow this step by step guide to learn how to add blur face in photos in Picsart. 

Opening Picsart App and Importing Image

  • Launch the ‘Picsart App’ on your device.
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of your screen (in case of mobile phone) and ‘create a new project’.
  • Now, ‘select and import’ the photo from your device’s gallery on which you want to apply the blur face in Picsart effect.

Choosing and Applying Blur Effect in Picsart 

  • Once the image is imported, click on it to open the ‘Picsart editing interface’.
  • Now, it’s time to add the face blur effect to your image. Tap on the ‘Effects’ icon.
  • Scroll through different effect options and choose the ‘Blur’ option.
  • Select the specific blur effect option from the list. (Motion Blur, Radial Blur, Bokeh Blur, etc.)
  • The next step is to ‘adjust intensity settings’ of the chosen blur effect for your image.
  • Once you are satisfied, click ‘OK’.

Selecting Face and Applying Face Blur in Picsart 

  • Now, the next steps involve selecting the face part of your image and applying the face blur effect in Picsart. 
  • Click on the ‘Tools’ icon and select from the available tools (AI Select, Rectangle, Lasso, Oval, etc.) to select and mask the face section of the chosen image. 
  • Once the face has been selected, click on the ‘Effects’ icon.
  • Just like before, choose the ‘face blur effect’that you want to apply. 
  • Control and adjust the face blur intensity accordingly.
  • Once satisfied, click ‘OK’.

Improving and Enhancing Face Blur Effect That You Have Applied

  • Use other available slider adjustments like hue, brightness, saturation and contrast to adjust the blur face effect that you have applied in your image. 
  • Play around with the wide range of Picsart filters and effects to improve and enhance the image.

Saving and Exporting the Final Blur Face Image Output in Picsart

  • Once you are satisfied with your edited image, click ‘OK’ and tap on the checkmark icon to save your photo.
  • Choose the desired resolution and export file format for your edited image.
  • Finally, click ‘DONE’ and the image with the blur face in Picsart will be saved in your device’s gallery. 

Advanced Tips and Tricks for Aesthetic Face Motion Blur Effect in Picsart

To create new, unique and trendy face motion blur effects in Picsart app to make your photos look aesthetic and next-level, you can follow these advance tips and tricks: 

  • Play around and adjust different ‘blending modes’ in Picsart to get new and trendy blur face effects like Bokeh Blur. 
  • For a custom blur effect in your image, use multiple blur options and overlap them with different blend modes that fit well together. 
  • If you do not want the blur effect in certain part of your image, simply use the ‘Eraser Tool’ to remove the blur effect. 
  • Add ‘Additional Elements’ in your edited images by exploring and using other useful Picsart tools. You can add stickers, overlays, effects, text, borders, frames and much more. 
Adjust Hue and Saturation to enhance image clarity - picsart mod apk


Adding mystery to your photos or adding a privacy touch to your images may be enjoyable and engaging when you use Picsart’s face blur effect on your photos. You can use the blur face in Picsart to make your photos look aesthetically appealing and more professional. 

Picsart offers a variety of face blur effect options to choose from. You can select the motion blur, radial blur, tilt-shift blur, bokeh blur, etc. You can also more than one blur effect and adjust them using different blend modes. 

Yes, Picsart is a very friendly and easy to use editing software for complete newbies and professionals. If you are a beginner and want to apply a blur face effect in your image, you can follow the detailed and step by step guide on how to add blur face effect to your image in the Picsart app. 

Yes, you can enhance and improve your picture in Picsart by adjusting settings like hue, saturation, contrast, brightness, black point, vignette, etc. Play around with Picsart tools and effects to further enhance your picture accordingly.

No, you do not need the Gold or paid version of the Picsart app to use the blur face effect in Picsart. However, if you want premium and VIP access to all Picsart paid templates, filters, effects and assets, you can download the original Picsart Mod APK 2024 latest version file

Yes, you can use any device to edit your image and apply face blur effect in Picsart app. To apply motion blur face effect in your image with your Android Phone, iPhone or even PC, simply follow the step by step guide above. 

To remove the blur effect from your photos, use the ‘Sharpen Effect’ tool. You will find this tool under the ‘Effects’ section. Adjust sliding bar to increase or decrease image sharpness and remove blur effect from image to improve image clarity. 

Final Conclusion and Key Takeways 

In conclusion, mastering the art of using blur face in Picsart opens a creative world of freedom for you that gives you the possibility of crafting aesthetically pleasing photos. By using this blur face technique, social media users can enhance the privacy aspect while keeping the mystery element in their pictures. 

Try Picsart’s endless editing possibilities and keep on practicing and experimenting with Picsart tools and effects to elevate your photos and take them to new heights of creativity and visual allure. 

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