Download Picsart for iOS (Latest Version 25.3.4) MOD APK File 2024

Are you an iPhone or an iPad user and looking for a professional photo and video editing app with fully unlocked features, then PicsArt for iOS is the best option for you. PicsArt APK for iOS offers a unique blend of AI-powered tools and advanced gold premium features making PicsArt the editor’s choice app in recent years. 

Whether you are an iPhone user or an Android user, PicsArt mod apk is your go-to solution if you are a professional photo and video editor.

Let’s dive into this article and explore why PicsArt MOD APK for iOS and iPhone is the all in one package for photo and video editors on iOS devices with 100% free VIP access to all unlocked premium assets and rich library of templates, frames, borders, effects and filters.

App Name PicsArt Mod APK for iOS 
PublisherPicsArt, Inc.
Size238.2 MB
App Store Direct Download LinkDirect Download Link
Mod FeaturesGold Membership Unlocked
RequiresRequires iOS 14.0 or later
Picsart for iOS - Download Latest Picsart APK file for iPhone -

 Download PicsArt app for iPhones and iPad

PicsArt for iOS is an AI photo and video editor with tons of gold membership features unlocked, taking users’ ability of editing to new heights. PicsArt app is available on all iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, and Mac devices so all iOS users can now enjoy exclusive benefits of the PicsArt app. 

PicsArt for iOS brings the power of extreme photo editing tools like Photoshop to your apple devices. Now, you can edit your photos more professionally with everything unlocked. You can get the standard version of the PicsArt from Apple App Store. PicsArt also has a paid plan with a subscription plan to enjoy Gold features of the app. With the MOD Apk file of PicsArt Gold App, you get all features at no additional cost.

Download Picsart MOD APK 2024 for Android by clicking here.

Why PicsArt APK for iOS and iPhones?

Picsart Pro APK is an extended and modified version of the standard PicsArt app with all the amazing and cool features that allows users to edit in a more professional software environment with all features unlocked and vip access to all advance options and assets. 

Unlimited Assets, Filters and Effects with Picsart for iOS 

PicsArt Pro Mod apk gives you unlimited filters and effects to use from its rich library. PicsArt Gold Apk for iOS includes fully unlocked premium assets and filters. 

PicsArt Gold has a rich array of premium features which makes it easy for you to turn any boring image into a masterpiece. PicsArt app helps you to professional edit your photo or your video and make it look wow. Start your creative journey with PicsArt for iOS today from our website and unlock all premium benefits of PicsArt Gold app. 

Download Picsart MOD APK 2024 for PC by clicking here.

Easy Guide on How to Install PicsArt App for iOS devices?

Step 1

Open the Apple App store store on your iOS devices (iPhones or iPads). You can also download the Picsart for iOS app by clicking here.

Step 2

Locate the PicsArt app in your app store or simply find it via the search area within the Apple app store.

Step 3

Open the PicsArt application in the App Store.

Step 4

Click on the “Get” button to initiate installation of the PicsArt app.

Step 5

Authenticate the installation by inputting your Apple ID or authenticate with your Face ID.

Step 6

Congratulations. You have successfully downloaded PicsArt for iOS. Now, you can enjoy PicsArt app’s features for professional editing and to create stunning artworks. 

Picsart MOD APK for Android Download unlocked premium gold picsart app 1

Features of PicsArt App for iOS

Text and AI Stickers

You can add text and AI stickers in your photos and videos with the PicsArt pro app for iOS. You can even add text overlays with stylish fonts in different colors and styles. PicsArt also offers a rich collection of stickers and clipart that you can use in your images and videos. 

The inclusion of AI in PicsArt app has put magic in the app. Now, you can easily generate a sticker by only typing a text phrase in AI sticker generator prompt. AI Sticker Maker tool is greatly used by PicsArt community members for designing cool stickers. You can also download these Ai generated stickers afterwards. 

Free Collage Maker 

PicsArt app for iOS offers 100% free collage maker tool where users can add multiple images in a single picture with beautiful borders and layouts. You get a lot of customization options in the collage maker in PicsArt pro for iPhones. 

Advanced Drawing Tools 

PicsArt apk for iOS devices offers more than 20 brush types for drawing purposes within the app. With the help of these customizable brushes in Picsart for iOS, you can elevate your drawing game. 

Within the PicsArt Gold APK, you get customizable options such as controlling the brush size, brush color, thickness, opacity, etc. Download the PicsArt app for iOS to start drawing and exploring your creativity. 

Free Assets for Dynamic Editing 

PicsArt Gold Apk for iOS and iPhones unlocks thousands of free stock images, stickers and texts that users can freely use on their designs without any copyright issue. Free premium assets in picsart for iOS offers a lot of collage layouts, poster designs, and social media posts templates. 

Magic Effects 

PicsArt app magic effect feature is very popular and common among the PicsArt community members. With this magic effect feature, you can turn your photo to art with the help of AI. You can also experiment with photo to paint filters. You can add cartoonish and artistic effects to your images. With these amazing magic effects, you can obtain incredible paintings, watercolor art, anime style paintings, etc. 

Picsart MOD APK for Android Download unlocked premium gold picsart app

Picsart AI Editing Tools

PicsArt Gold has introduced AI (Artificial Intelligence) within the app that has unlocked the app’s potential and has maximised the app’s ability of professional photo and video editing. We have now got AI tools such as AI background remover tool and the famous AI sticker maker tool. 

The PicsArt app for iOS also offers new features with the inclusion of AI that has made the PicsArt app popular among the graphic designers and photo editors. With AI editing tools within the PicsArt pro apk, it has gained an edge over its competitors. PicsArt AI editing tools has made photo and video editing more fun and easy. 

Free Video Editing With Unlimited Assets

PicsArt app for iOS video editing potential has always been recognized with tons of templates and resources for its users. Now, the app has increased the number of free assets available within the app. VIP access to the fully unlocked premium assets is also available via the PicsArt Gold Membership plan. With PicsArt MOD APK for iOS, you can use all paid tools and assets for free. 

PicsArt app also offers wide range of video editing tools and options such as trim, effects, filters, borders, removing background noise, adding music and sound, adding text and overlays, etc. You can even add title to your videos. The possibilities are endless with the PicsArt Gold APK for iOS. These videos can be used anywhere, in your reels and even in your Youtube videos. 

Background Blur And Background Change

PicsArt app for iOS also provides the feature of background blur with customizable intensity options. It also provides the feature of changing the background. Background can also be changed within the PicsArt app with the assistance of AI. 

Double Exposure

One of the most amazing feature of PicsArt app is the ‘Double Exposure’ effect. Users can easily blend two or more images to create double exposure effects. Different blending modes options are available for users to create compelling images. You can also change the opacity of used images to create stunning compositions.  

Fully Unlocked HD Filters And Effects

PicsArt app offers many in-built filters, borders, effects and templates to use from. Users can select the asset of their choice and use the effect in their picture. PicsArt MOD APK for iOS has all fully unlocked HD filters and effects. Download the mod apk file of Picsart to level up your editing skills. 

Rich Library Of Frames

PicsArt app for iOS has a rich and expanded library of frames and borders that users can use in their artworks, photos and video while editing. PicsArt MOD Apk includes all paid frames included in the Gold Membership plan of PicsArt app for iOS. 

Pro Filters Unlocked 

PicsArt MOD APK for iOS offers wide range of user generated content that includes many features such as stickers, fonts, filters, effects, borders and much more. You can use this mod apk file to use all pro assets of PicsArt for iOS. 

Social Media Community Of 150 Million Active Members

PicsArt app for iPhones and iPads has an in-built media community where users can share their designs and get positive inputs regarding their artworks. Moreover, picsart pro apk has a lot of members group available on Facebook and WhatsApp where newbies are welcomed and encouraged to join and expand the PicsArt social media community.

Additional features of PicsArt for iOS

  • Teeth Whitening Option
  • Cloning / Object Removal
  • Image Remixer Tool
  • Image Resizer Tool
  • Blemish Removal 
  • Photo Crop And Video Trim Options
  • Red Eye Correction
  • Sketching
  • Change Colors 
  • New Doodle Frames
  • Mirror Effects
  • AI Makeup 
  • Customizable Templates
  • New Profile Design, and many more

Screenshots of Picsart App for iOS

System Requirements to Install Picsart for iOS

iOS Devices Compatibility
iPhoneRequires iOS 14.0 or later.
iPadRequires iPadOS 14.0 or later.
iPod touchRequires iOS 14.0 or later.
MacRequires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip or later.

Pro and Cons of PicsArt app for iOS


  • Picsart AI Photo and Video editor for iOS is a very versatile photo and video editor tool that provides you advance options to edit any type of photo and video. 
  • PicsArt App for iPhones provides a very easy to work with interface.
  • There are alot of extensive features within the picsart app such as live camera effects, social sharing, diverse templates, tons of filters and designs, etc. 
  • iOS app for PicsArt is regularly updated and maintained by PicsArt developers.
  • PicsArt for iOS ha a dedicated community for its users where people can share their designs and give feedback to others’ work.  


  • The homepage of PicsArt apk for iOS may feel overwhelming for newbies. 
  • PicsArt app for iOS has a standard version of the app with limited features. For premium assets and advance features, you need a paid plan. 
  • Users are required to sign in if they need to interact with PicsArt community members and use premium assets. 
  • PicsArt AI is not perfect and can display some minor issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, PicsArt App for iOS (all Apple devices including iPhones, iPads, Macbook, etc.) is 100% free and safe to use. Download the PicsArt app from Apple App Store and trusted sources to get safe versions of the PicsArt application. 

No, you don’t need to sign in to use the PicsArt app. You can create designs and edit your photos and videos with creating a PicsArt account. However, if you want to use the PicsArt advance features such as PicsArt feed you need to sign in and create a Picsart account. 

Yes, PicsArt app is totally free for iOS. However, it offers in-built purchases within the app. Also, to access the premium features of PicsArt app, you need to subscribe to the app’s Gold plan.

Yes, you can get rid of the ads that interrupt your workflow and distract you from your work. You can use the modded version of PicsArt app for iOS to get rid of all the Ads. With this MOD APK file of PicsArt, you can enjoy Ad-free experience. 

PicsArt app for iOS has an in-built community feature of 150 million monthly active users that are always there if anyone needs support and assistance. If you want any help from us, kindly contact us via our email or fill out the form at the contact us page. 


PicsArt app for iOS offers wide and extensive tool range for all professional photo and video editors. All professional photo and video editors using iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads have the option for PicsArt if they want a software with all premium features and downloadable assets. Download the best version of PicsArt App for iOS from the link provided in the downloadable section. You may also get PicsArt App from the Apple App Store using the direct link provided above in the table. 

Note: Don’t forget to bookmark for future updates and to get the latest version of PicsArt for iOS and get unlimited features. 

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