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Picsart APK MOD vs Instagram MOD APK: Best Photo Editing Powerhouse in 2024

Picsart APK MOD and Instagram MOD APK are two major players in this digital world of photo editing apps. Both apps offer a unique and vast range of editing features that further enhance your digital creativity. 

In this detailed comparison, we will discuss all the features of Picsart APK MOD and Instagram APK, and help you choose which app is the best for your editing needs. 

Download MOD APK file of Picsart Gold to get Pro Unlocked version of Picsart.

Picsart APK MOD Overview

Picsart APK Mod is the advanced and full unlocked version of Picsart Gold app. This app is home to variety of different and useful editing tools. The addition of AI advancement tools in the Picsart app has made the app more convenient and better. 

You can create amazing artwork with Picsart APK MOD, also you can use the mod version to use all premium filters and templates for free. All borders, effects and frames are also available in this pro unlocked file. 

You can learn more about Picsart APK features and tips by clicking here

Key Highlights

  • Advanced Editing Options: Crop, resize, rotate, and adjust your photos with basic and advanced editing options provided in Picsart Gold.
  • Creative Freedom: Add text, stickers, and drawings, and create collages or memes to express your unique style in your artwork. You are free to play and use all Picsart tools and experiment with your photos.
  • AI Generative Tools: You can use AI-powered tools for seamless enhancements, such as background blurring and object removal. AI Sticker Maker tool can also be used to create funny and generic stickers. 

Instagram MOD APK Overview

instagram mod apk icon - picsart apk mod vs instagram mod apk
Instagram MOD APK

Instagram MOD APK Latest (Pro Unlocked)

All you need is an active Internet connection and an Android device to begin using the app. In addition, you can’t use the app or its features without an active Instagram account.

4.8 Star Rating


60.05 MB

Instagram MOD APK is the modified version of Instagram app, that comes with all pro features at no additional cost. This apk file covers all premium features of the app that are only available through a subscription plan. With Instagram MOD APK file, you get access to advanced professional options like ad-free usage, enhanced privacy and premium content access. 

You will also get free access to more Instagram filters and effects in your story settings where you can share pictures at a high quality and with cool effects. The inclusion of many graphics is another great aspect of this Instagram MOD. 

Key Highlights

  • No Ads: With Instagram MOD APK, you can enjoy seamless photo editing with no ad experience. 
  • Enhanced Privacy: Stay anonymous while watching live streams, ensuring your online presence remains discreet.
  • Premium Content: Download high-quality videos and photos, giving you better control over your Instagram content. Use pro filters and effects for your photos and IGTV reels.

Tabular Comparison: Picsart vs Instagram

Here is the tabular and basic comparison between Picsart APK Mod and Instagram Mod APK.

FeaturesPicsart APK MODInstagram MOD APK
PlatformAndroid, iOS and PCAndroid
SizeVaries depending on versionVaries depending on version
Price100% Free100% Free
AdsAds FreeAds Free
Mod FeaturesAI-powered tools, Magic Tools, Drawing Tools, Text Tools, LayerDownload photos and videos from Instagram, view private accounts, etc.
Mod VersionGold Membership Unlocked Instagram Pro Unlocked 

Picsart MOD APK Features

Wide Range of Premium Filters and Effects

Picsart has more visual overlays and effects that are both colorful and fun. You may get stunning effects like bokeh, retro, and Gaussian blur. Adding these filters to your photos is also very easy. You can do this with one single click. 

Export Images in Different Formats

When you are done editing your picture, you can export the image in different formats. Images can be exported in PNG, JPG, JPEG, SVG, etc. format. MP3 and MP4 formats are commonly used for audio and video exports respectively.

Transformation Options in Picsart 

You can flip photos, trim them, fix their perspective, and use conventional rotations in Picsart APK Mod. The fish-eye and pinch/punch distortion effects are only two of Picsart’s many other alteration tools.

AI Tools

AI Advance tools in the Picsart Gold App have made a significant impact in Picsart’s editing world. Tools like AI Background Remover, AI Replace, AI Sticker Maker and more have eased the life of editing experts. Picsart plans to introduce more AI tools in the app which you can access via apk mod. 

Watch Picsart APK Mod Tutorials to learn more Picsart Tips and Tricks.

Magic, Drawing, and Text Tools

Magic tools in Picsart APK Mod can help you create amazing eye-catching designs like real weather effect, image clone, etc. Drawing tools are also available in Picsart Mod APK by which you can create simple sketches. Text tools also add value to your photos when you use correct and advanced typography. 

More Picsart Pro Features

  • Advanced Photo Editing Tools
  • No Watermarks
  • No Ads
  • AI Replace
  • Sticker Maker Tool
  • Premium Assets and Tools
  • Creative Editing Tools
  • Dedicated Social Media Community of Picsart Users
  • AI Background Remover
  • AI Generative Tools
  • Magic Tools
  • Drawing Tools
  • Text Tools
  • Layer Tools
  • Fully Unlocked Templates and Filters

Instagram MOD APK Features

Instagram Mod APK file comes with a lot of advanced and premium features that are not available in the official Instagram app. Here are few of the most advanced Instagram apk features. 

Instagram MOD APK - Picsart APK MOD vs Instagram Mod Blog 2024

Ad-Free Experience

There are a lot of ads on Instagram and people often get annoyed by them and if you are one of them, you can just disable them. This Instagram Ad-free experience is only available in the Instagram Mod Apk version. You can easily use the social media app, edit your photos, and watch reels with no distraction from any Ads.

Save Images

With Instagram APK Mod, you can easily save and export edited images in your device’s gallery. Once your edit is finished, you can simply click the download icon and the image will be saved in your photos app. 

Cool and Trending Filters

With Instagram being one of the most famous social media apps, there is always a trend ongoing, and with Instagram APK, you can be a part of the trend by using the cool and trending filters and effects on your photos and sharing them with the world. With the Mod version, you get access to all premium trending filters to enhance your story designs and video reels. 

View Profile Picture

You can also use the Instagram Mod Version to view other Instagram user’s profile pictures. This is one of the features prohibited in the official app. This is a great add-on to view, stalk and zoom in on other user’s profiles. 

Access to Quality Content

By using the Mod version of Instagram, you can control the content (photos and videos) you see on the app. This feature brings a more close and quality social media experience for you and you never get bored. You get access to better app controls and content. 

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels have been in the spotlight for quite a time now and you can now improve your Insta Reel experience with Instagram Mod APK. With this, you can enjoy better and selected reels providing you desired quality content. The reels you upload are of high quality and get maximum reach and views. 

Instagram Live

Instagram Mod APK’s other feature is a bit of a ‘spy trick’. It lets you watch other people’s live streams without revealing your identity to the user. You can watch other user’s Instagram Live without being spotted. You can also read the live conversation and your name does not even appear on the watch list. 

More Instagram MOD features

  • Download Stories and Media
  • Rich Library of Live Effects
  • Live Effects Feature in Video Calls
  • Amazing Editing Designs
  • Edit before sharing
  • Desktop and PC App available
  • Translation Options
  • App Lock
  • Exposure
  • Social Media Community
  • Save and Download IGTV Videos and Reels
  • Add Multiple Pictures (Instagram Layouts)
  • Discover brands
  • Chats DND Mode
  • Copy/Paste Captions
  • Reach an audience with Hashtags
  • Connectivity with followers
  • Share special moments
  • Ultra Privacy Protection
  • Tag other people in your posts and stories

Picsart APK MOD vs Instagram APK MOD: Which is better?

The decision between choosing PicsArt APK MOD and Instagram APK MOD comes down to your taste and requirements. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive and ever-changing editing experience, Picsart APK mod is the way to go with its diverse collection of tools, creative capabilities, and AI advancements. 

If you value a safe and private social media experience, Instagram APK MOD is a great alternative because of its focus on privacy, ad-free use, and access to exclusive content. Which is preferable depending on how much you value powerful editing tools or how much you value improved privacy and content consumption on Instagram.

So, in our opinion, both Picsart and Instagram are good. Depending on the usage and tools you require while editing your photos, you can select the editing app.

Picsart APK MOD - Picsart vs Instagram MOD APK - Blog


Picsart APK Mod and Instagram APK Mod are two superpowers of this digital photo editing world. While both apps have their different use cases and amount of editing capabilities, one has to choose the app according to his editing needs. 

While Picsart Gold is an all-in-one package, Instagram is more social media-focused with less advanced options. If you value a sophisticated and safe social networking platform more than extensive editing capabilities, then the “better” option will be clear.

Which app do you think is better? Is it Picsart APK Mod or is it Instagram Mod for you? Let us know by sharing your thoughts below!

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