top 6 best photo editing apps 2024

Top 6 Best Photo Editing Apps

The best photo editing apps have unique and best features for their users so they can rely on them for transforming their captured photos to amazing artworks. There are hundreds of photo editing apps in the market but only a few of them manage to stand out and provide useful features to users. In this article, we have compiled a list of six best photo editing apps, available on both Android and iOS for you to download and create stunning edited photos to share with the world. 

Taking an aesthetic photo or a selfie is just the first step of creating a beautiful picture. You really need a step 2, a photo editing app, to make sure your taken picture is worth it. So that when you share it with people, maybe on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, they go WOW!

Let’s dive into the world of best photo editing apps and consider their features, advantages, disadvantages, screenshots, subscription models and much more to determine which app among the six is the best one for you. 











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Picsart: AI Photo Editing App

Picsart App is a wonderful, creative, and best photo editing app that comes with cool and up-to-date features for people to make stunning designs and edit their pictures with wonderful photo editing tools. Picsart App for Android and iOS comes with 1000+ premium filters, templates, frames, effects, etc to apply on images. With the Picsart App, you get access to features like collage maker tool, sticker maker tool, AI Background changer, drawing tools, batch editor tool, advanced fx effects, and much more. You can also buy Picsart Gold Subscription to enjoy pro features of Picsart. 

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  • AI Background Removal and Change option
  • Gridline camera app
  • AI Sticker Maker
  • Image Masking
  • AI GIF Generator
  • Blur Face and Background
  • VIP Access to Premium Assets
  • Lens Flash Options
  • Free Collage Maker
  • Picsart Batch Editor tool
  • In-Built Social Media Community
  • Advanced FX Effects
  • Image Manipulation
  • Image Retouching
  • Templates, Effects, Borders
  • Drawing and Sketching Tools 
  • Image Remixing 
  • AI Replace
  • Logo Creation
  • Edit with Replay


Picsart AI Photo and Video Editor - Create
Discover Section - Picsart Gold Premium Assets

Picsart Gold Pricing 2024

Picsart App PlanMonthlyYearly
Picsart (Free)$0/mo$0/mo
Picsart Plus$13/mo$5/mo ($60 billed yearly)
Picsart Pro$15/mo$7/mo ($84 billed yearly)
Picsart EnterpriseCustomCustom


Snapseed is another famous best photo editing app available on both Android and iOS devices. The app has a positive 4.3 star rating on Google Play Store with over 100M downloads. This app is developed by Google itself so it comes with all essential and must have features. Snapseed has 30+ amazing tools including brightness adjustment, contrast, saturation, healing brushes, filters, editing curve, selective adjustments, and much more.

Snapseed is totally free, that means it does not come with any premium and paid version and you don’t experience any ads while editing your photo with Snapseed. Google continues to update Snapseed on regular basis to keep the app bug free and provide user friendly experience to its users.

Download Snapseed Latest Version Today


  • Advanced Filters
  • Healing Brush tools
  • Adjustment tools (Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Ambiance, Shadows, etc.)
  • Sharing Options via Social Media
  • Clone Tool
  • Brush Options
  • Editing Curve
  • Selective Editing
  • No Subscription
  • Multiple Format Export Options
  • Retouch Images
  •  Merge Tools
  • Adjust Layers
  • Lens Blur


Snapseed Filters and Presets -
Snapseed Tools for Editing

Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Can Edit Raw Files
  • Advanced Photo Editing Tools
  • No Ads
  • Bug Free


  • No Desktop Version
  • Need to master tools to edit properly
  • Edited Photos don’t save within the app
  • Limited Editing Tools

Snapseed is a powerful mobile editing app that is considered one of the very best available in the market. Snapseed offers great RAW support to images where users can open and edit their files with 100% control over editing process. Similarly, snapseed users can use selective editing option within the app (removing blemishes, changing color of sky, adjusting hue and saturation, etc.). When users are done with editing, they get flexible options to export their images in multiple formats (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, etc.).

Adobe Lightroom Photo & Video Editor

Adobe Lightroom is the best photo editing app available on all Android and Apple devices with rich number of presets, editing tools, powerful interface, gradient options and much more. Adobe Lightroom has more than 100 million downloads and over 2.42 million reviews averaging a positive rating of 4.5. This app has everything you need to make your photos perfect. 

Some of the amazing features of Adobe Lightroom App include transforming the sky in one tap, blur photos using AI, edit specific image parts, retouch and remove elements from photos, visual storytelling, create new perspectives, changing colors, etc. You also get VIP editing options like enhancing portraits to easily get pro level results.

Download Adobe Lightroom Photo and Video Editor Latest Version Today


  • RAW Image Editing
  • Powerful Editing Interface
  • Rich Library of Third-Party Presets
  • 1000+ Templates
  • Gradient Options
  • Built-in Presets
  • Depth Mapping
  • Grid Overlay
  • Focus Control
  • Editing Curves
  • Adjustment Sliders
  • Filters (Graduated, Radial, etc.)
  • Portrait Mode
  • Color Adjustment and Overlays

Adobe Lightroom Pricing

Adobe Lightroom (with 1TB Cloud-Based Storage)US $9.99/mo

Check Adobe Lightroom’s detailed pricing plans here.


Adobe Lightroom Discover Section Screenshot
Adobe Lightroom Editing Curve

Adobe Lightroom App, regarded as one of the best photo editing app in 2024 is classified into two types: classic and cloud-based. The photos you edit are saved in the Adobe Cloud as Adobe LR is a cloud based app. 

With the camera app within Adobe Lightroom, you get access to manual editing controls, RAW capture, multiple presets, HDR and focus mode, exposure control, depth mapping, editing curve, overlay, etc. For quick editing within the Adobe Lightroom app, you can use built-in Lightroom presets to apply on your images. There are also a ton of third party presets available in the Lightroom Asset Store. 


VSCO is another app that comes in the list of best photo editing apps in 2024. It is a flexible photo editing app that appeals to both amateur and professional photographers. VSCO is usually popular among creatives who like to experiment with different visual styles and achieving a consistent look for their images. 

VSCO App is available on both, Google Play Store and App Store. It has a 3.4 star rating with over 100M downloads. The free version of VSCO app has limited editing options and functionality for editors. A total of 10 in-built presets and basic photo editing filters are available for use within the VSCO app. Some of VSCO’s features include applying borders, using layers, HSL adjustments, etc. You can get hold of over 200 presets if you buy the VSCO monthly membership plan for $19.99. See detailed VSCO pricing below.

Download VSCO Latest Version Today


  • Powerful In-Built Editing Interface
  • Advanced and Pro Editing Features
  • Free Templates and Resources
  • Photo Journals
  • Bug Free App
  • User Friendly Interface
  • In-Built Camera Feature
  • Video Editing Option
  • Membership Plan
  • Social Media Sharing Options


VSCO Signup Page Screenshot
VSCO Best Editing App Screenshot

VSCO Pricing

Pro$59.99/yr (availble on iOS devices only)

Try VSCO App for free by clicking here

Pros & Cons


  • Minimalistic Design and Editing Interface
  • Exposure and Color Adjustments Editing Tools
  • Web Galleries Available


  • No Dark Mode
  • No Desktop App
  • Limited Presets and Basic Filters


Pixlr is yet another best photo editing app for 2024 because of its rich editing features and generative AI Tools. Pixlr app is available on Android, iOS and PC. Pixlr is a free and easy-to-use photo editor with 4.1 Star rating on Google Play Store. It has over 50M+ downloads and is marked as ‘Editor’s Choice’. 

Pixlr provides variety of editing choices and creative effects, allowing users to effortlessly improve and modify their photos. Pixlr app is convenient to both, the newbies and the experts. The app offers tools for simple tweaks, complex retouching, creative effects, etc. With the inclusion of AI in the Pixlr app, Pixlr makes the list of best photo editing apps.

Download Pixlr Editing App 2024 Latest Version Today


  • Collage Maker
  • Pixlr Camera App
  • Rich Library of Templates. Filters and Effects
  • Paint and Remove Effects
  • Huge Pixlr Community of creative designers
  • Typography Effects
  • AI Generative Tools (AI Remove Object, AI Remove Background, AI Super Scale, AI Super Sharp, etc.)
  • Double Exposure
  • Product Shot Creator
  • Mimic HDR, Blur, Reflect and Dispersion Tools


Pixlr App Screenshot
Template Section Pixlr App

Pixlr Pricing

Premium $7.99/mo

Check Pixlr detailed pricing plans here.

Pixlr App offers wide and diverse range of AI tools that enhances the capability of image editing. The app provides in-built amazing tools like AI Image Generator, AI Generative Fill, AI Generative Expand, AI Background Removal, AI Object Removal, AI Sticker Maker, AI Backdrop, AI Up-Scale, AI Sharpen, and AI Magic Eraser. You can download the Pixlr app and explore these amazing editing tools.


Fotor: AI Photo Editor, Collage-Fotor is also one of the best photo editing app with number of features and editing capabilities. The app has 4.2 star rating and over 10M downloads. This program enables users to edit images from anywhere, at any time, and from the palm of their hands. Furthermore, this software app has a large collection of stickers that can be utilized while altering photos and cards, resulting in a better user experience.

Fotor is a great photo editing app that has some of the most popular features including collage maker, photo enhancement, background removal, AI image generator, photo to art converter, etc. It also has some of the most powerful AI tools like Text to Image convertor, AI Replace, AI Expland, AI Avatar, etc.

Download Fotor App for Android, iOS and PC Latest Version Today


  • Enhance Photo Quality
  • Remove Unwanted Objects
  • AI Background Change
  • AI Generative Tools
  • AI Retouch
  • Exclusive Filters and Effects
  • Collage Maker
  • Sticker Maker
  • Hundreds of Templates
  • One Tap Enhance 
  • Content Import/Export
  • Easy File Management
  • Content Sharing Options
  • Collaboration Tools


Fotor Photo Editing App Screenshot
Rabbit Image generated using AI in Fotor App

Fotor Pricing

Pro +$7.49/mo

Upgrade to Fotor Pro and Pro+ to get access to VIP assets and templates. See detailed pricing to pick the best plan for yourself. 

Pros & Cons


  • Multiple Format Supported
  • Easy to use editing interface
  • AI Generative Tools
  • Batch Editing Tools


  • Performance Issues
  • Limited Features in Free Plan
  • Payment and Billing Concerns

How to Choose the Best Photo Editing App?

Choosing the best photo editing varies from user to user and what type of features the designer is looking for. Some people would prefer the app with basic editing options and in-built presets while some would go professional apps with rich editing features. Ultimately, the best photo editing app is the one that aligns with your editing skills and satisfies your specific editing needs. We recommend you to test all of our mentioned apps and pick one that best suits your demands. 

How to Evaluate the Best Photo Editing App – Experts’ Testing Methodology

To make it easy for you and to test and evaluate the best photo editing app available on the internet, we have prepared this 5-point checklist for you on the basis of which you can filter out the best photo editing app that suits you and your editing demands.

  • Compatibility and Performance: Ensure the app runs smoothly on your device (Android, iOS or PC) and does not slow down the system.
  • Easy to use Interface: Look for an app that has a simple editing interface and you get access to all editing tools easily. 
  • Feature Rich: Make sure the app has all the editing features you need. Also, make sure that the app comes with rich library of templates, filters, and effects.
  • Export and Sharing Options: Check export formats (PNG, JPG, SVG, etc.) available so you can always download images in suitable formats.
  • Reviews and Ratings: Always choose the app that has the best reviews and ratings. This way, you can easily identify app’s strengths and weaknesses, helping you to make an informed decision. 

Remember that the best photo editing app for someone else may not be the best for you. It’s about striking the proper mix between capability, usability, and compliance with your editing requirements and device.


Choosing the best photo editing app requires taking into account a variety of aspects that are relevant to user’s taste and demands. Some people either go with a template rich app, while others may prefer advanced photo editing tools. We have thoroughly covered all the basic and advanced aspects of six best photo editing apps that you can use. Feel free to download each one of them, test them and make your call. Do remember that the choice of best photo editing app depends on individual needs, blending functionalities, ease of use, and compatibility. 

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