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Picsart vs Capcut: Detailed Guide and Comparison 2024

If you are a content creator, social media enthusiast, budding entrepreneur or a seasoned artist, then you should have the access to the right tools that makes your editing experience smooth and professional. Two such tools are Picsart and Capcut. Picsart and Capcut are two of the finest editing apps available in the market that are versatile and a perfect fit for professional video editing. 

However, choosing one app over the other can be a bit difficult as both apps come with their pros and cons. To make your lives easier, let’s dive into this in-depth comparison of Picsart vs Capcut where we will explore and compare their features, usability, subscription plans, user reviews and much more. 

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What is Picsart?

PicsArt-MOD-APK-_v24.2 _-Logo
Picsart AI Photo Editor

Picsart AI Photo Editor

Join the Picsart community, which includes over 150 million creators across the world. You may express your creativity using the Picsart AI picture and video editor.

4 Star Rating

1B+ Downloads

79.90 MB

Picsart is a very famous and versatile photo and video editing application with an ocean of features that contribute to making Picsart an all in one solution for all graphic designers and video editors. Picsart allows you to turn your images into eye-catching masterpieces with simple tweaks such as cropping and resizing, as well as creative filters and contemporary effects. 

Picsart Features

  • AI Image Generators
  • AI Image Upscalers
  • AI Object Removers
  • AI Text Generators
  • AI Writing
  • Animation
  • Background Remover
  • Banner Maker
  • Brochure Maker
  • Business Card
  • Collage Makers
  • Drawing
  • Flyer Maker
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Meme Generators
  • Photo Editing
  • Poster Maker
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Social Media Video
  • Video Editing
  • Video Making

Key Takeaways

  • Photo Editing: With Picsart it is very easy to make small adjustments in your photos and designs. You can easily crop, resize, adjust brightness, hue, saturation, contrast or even apply trending filters and effects in your graphics. With Picsart’s AI advancement, you can also add stickers and text in your designs. 
  • Free Online Collage Maker: Picsart has a free online collage maker tool with a variety of unique collage layouts that you can use to merge all your dope pictures into one single picture. 
  • Drawing Tools: Picsart drawing tools comes with a range of brushes, pens and shapes of all sizes. Customize the tools according to your needs and let your creativity sparkle. 
  • AI Stickers and Clipart: Access a library of free and premium stickers and clipart and include them in your designs and photos to enhance the look and make your image go wow. 
  • Premium Template Designs: Picsart also has a range of pre-designed templates of all categories. SImply select the one you like and edit it according to your own style and make it your own.  

What is Capcut?

Capcut Logo - Download Now Latest Version
Capcut Video Editor

CapCut Video Editor

CapCut is a free all-in-one video editing application. It includes everything needed to produce high-quality, visually appealing films and graphics.

4.4 Star Rating

500M+ Downloads

Editor’s Choice

Capcut is a free video editing application developed for mobile devices. It packs a surprising punch, with a wide range of capabilities for making compelling and exciting videos. Capcut provides its users with a simple platform to edit, enhance and transform their videos. Capcut can also be integrated with other social media platforms. 

Picsart Features

  • AI Image Upscalers
  • AI Photo Colorizers
  • AI Video Editors
  • AI Video Upscalers
  • Background Remover
  • Colour Grading
  • Speech to Text
  • Text to Speech
  • Video Editing

Key Takeaways

  • Video Editing: Capcut is a free tool with the main focus on video editing. With this app, you can simply use features like trim, cut, merge, arrangem etc. to change the look and feel of your video and create professional and dynamic videos. 
  • Audio Editing: Unlike Picsart, Capcut has audio editing tools with which you can add background music in your videos or make sound adjustments where necessary. You can also use sound effects in your videos to engage with viewers. 
  • Transitions and Effects: Capcut has some of the most amazing and trending effects that you can apply in your videos to enhance the visual appeal. Apply creative transitions to make the video look more professional. 
  • Video Templates: Capcut also offers a ton of video templates that you can select and edit as per your need. Checkout the capcut video template library to browse through all of the templates available. 
  • Text and Stickers: Add overlay text, subtitles, and trendy stickers to your videos.

Picsart vs Capcut: Tabular Comparison 

Both Picsart and Capcut are professional editing applications that caters to users’ demands and help them create creative masterpieces. While both applications have a lot in common, their strengths lie in different areas. Here is a head to head comparison of Picsart and Capcut features. 

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Primary Focus Photo Editing and DesignVideo Editing
Photo Editing ToolsWide Range of Professional and creative toolsLimited
Video Editing ToolsBasic (Trim, Cut)Extensive (Trim, Cut, Merge, Split, Speed Adjustments)
Filters and EffectsVast Library of Trending and Cool Effects Huge Library of Video Effects
Text & StickersExtensive LibraryLarge Library 
Audio EditingLimited (Add Music)Background Music, Sound Effects, Volume Adjustments
TemplatesWide Range of Templates for all categories Pre-made Video Templates
Collaboration ToolsNo No
Subscription Model Freemium Model Free (No Ads/No Watermark)

Picsart vs Capcut: Feature Comparison

User Interface and Ease of Use 

Picsart has an interface as if it is a digital art workshop with all the essential tools that can be used by graphic designers and photography experts. The interface layout is very clean and rich with all photo editing options. All tabs are easy to navigate, hence users can find all options and tools with ease. 

On the other hand, Capcut has a very modern and smooth interface that is fully responsive to all types of mobile devices as Capcut primarily focuses on mobile phone video editing. The design is simple yet full of functionality, providing all necessary video editing tools to all video editors. 

Capcut Video Editor Editing Interface

Editing Tools and Effects 

Picsart and Capcut cater to different artistic demands. Picsart excels in picture editing, with a huge variety of tools, filters, and effects. You may modify the lighting, add text and stickers, and make beautiful collages. 

While Capcut enables for simple photo cutting, its main strength is video editing. You may use this tool to trim, combine, and speed up video, as well as add text, stickers, other fashionable effects, and even background music. Consider your focus: picture editing with video capabilities, or video creation with simple photo integration? The response directs you to the ideal software.

Free and Premium Templates 

Templates make lives easier for all photo and video editors, and this is why Picsart and Capcut have a lot of templates in all categories that users can select and edit them as per their style. 

Picsart has a wide range of templates, some are free while others are categorized as premium and can only be accessed when you have a Picsart Gold plan. If you want to get all premium Picsart templates for free, then you can download the Picsart Mod APK file to enjoy all the pro benefits of the Picsart app and get all pro templates for free. All video templates of Capcut are available for free since Capcut is completely free and does not have a paid plan. 

Subscription Plan and Pricing

One major deciding factor in choosing between Picsart and Capcut is their pricing and subscription model. Look at the table below to understand the subscription model and pricing of Picsart vs Caput. 

Opening Picsart App and Importing Image

Pricing ModelFreemium Free
Free VersionLimited features, ads, watermarksFull access to features, no ads, no watermarks
Paid Version Picsart Gold ($5.00/month, $60.00/year)Free 

Platform Compatibility 

Picsart and Capcut, both apps are compatible with different platforms. Picsart app is supported by platforms such as Windows, Web, Mac, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. On the contrary, Capcut is supported by Windows, Mac, Web, iPhone, iPad and all Android devices. 

AI Tools 

As the world is moving towards AI, Picsart and Caput are working on bringing AI tools into the app. Picsart has introduced a lot of amazing AI tools like AI stickers, AI background changer and replacer, AI avatar pets, etc. On the contrary, Capcut focuses more on user-friendly video editing without venturing into AI powered tools. Both apps will be bringing more AI tools within the app to improve efficiency and app’s potential. 

AI Tools in Picsart is the new way! - Picsart vs Canva Blog

Social Sharing and Community 

Picsart has a very active social media community as well as an in-built and dedicated Picsart community of 150 million active creators around the world. Picsart users can share their creative artworks with other content creators in the community and get constructive feedback about their designs. 

On the other hand, Capcut does not have a dedicated community of its users. However, you can join different Facebook groups where people share their videos to get reviews and feedback and explore tips and tricks regarding the Capcut app. 

Create Stunning Videos On The Go With Capcut - Picsart vs Capcut Blog

 Picsart vs Capcut: Pros and Cons

Now, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of Picsart vs Capcut app:


  • Extensive Editing Tools and Effects
  • Easy to Use
  • Strong social media integration for seamless sharing.
  • Active Social Media Community 
  • Advance Features requires Gold Membership Plan
  • Occasional performance issues on older devices
  • Limited Video Editing Options


  • Powerful Video Editor with a lot of video editing tools
  • Seamless integration with other social media platforms
  • Free to Use (No Ads and No Watermarks)
  • Extensive library of royalty-free music, sound effects, and trendy effects.
  • Limited Photo Editing Tools
  • Lack of Social Media Community and Engagement 

Picsart vs Capcut: User Reviews and Feedback

Picsart has over 1 billion downloads on Android Play Store and has over 12M reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars. On the contrary, Capcut has 500M+ downloads and a positive rating of 4.4 stars over 8.67M reviews. Let’s look at some of the reviews by users of both apps. 

Picsart Reviews

“Picsart is my go-to app for all my photo editing needs. It’s incredibly versatile and easy to use!” 
“I love exploring the endless possibilities with Picsart’s AI-powered effects. It adds a unique touch to my edits.” 
Alex W.
Digital Artist

Capcut Reviews

“As someone who’s not tech-savvy, Capcut’s straightforward interface was a lifesaver for me. I was able to edit professional-looking videos in minutes!” 
Social Media Influencer
“Capcut has revolutionized the way I edit my videos for social media. It’s fast, efficient, and offers everything I need without any fuss.”
Content Creator

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can edit your videos in the Picsart application. Picsart offers you video editing options like trim, cut, add music into video, resize, remove objects, etc. You can create social media ads, a promo video, or even a slideshow with Picsart video editor.

Picsart and Capcut are both very easy to use and simple apps with tons of editing capabilities and options. However, Picsart’s vibrant community and a lot of Picsart tutorials available on the internet makes it easier for newbies to learn about new Picsart tips and tricks

The answer to this question is that it depends. It depends on your usage. If you are a graphic designer or a photography enthusiast, then Picsart is your go-to solution. However, if you are a video editor, the Capcut will prove to be beneficial for you because of its advanced video editing tools and options.

Yes, Capcut is a great app for professional video editing. It is a simple yet efficient mobile app with a variety of video templates and editing options that you can use to create any video that you like. 

Yes, Capcut is 100% free and has no pro plan. All of Capcut’s features are available for free within the app. 

Yes, Picsart and Capcut are both supported by iOS and Android Devices. You can simply install them and enjoy working with both the editing apps. 

Final Conclusion 

In conclusion, choosing between Picsart and Capcut can be a tough call but the final decision comes down to the only point that you will consider: The Purpose. If you’re primarily focused on photo editing with a vibrant community aspect, then Picsart should be your go-to choice. On the other hand, if you focus more on video editing and love to work with endless video editing options, then Capcut is the right tool for you. But regardless of which tool you choose, Picsart and Capcut, both have a wide range of features to fuel your creativity and enhance your content creation game. 

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